About me, Linda Stephens

YA Chartered 500 hr Yoga Teacher. Fully insured.

I used to have a very busy corporate life, but now I’m an even busier mum of three, so I fully understand how life can be stressful! Yoga has helped me personally on so many levels and is now a cornerstone of my life.
I wanted to share the benefits of this ancient science with other busy women in a relevant way, so I created YogaMums.

In 2007 I completed my foundation 450hr training with some of Sydney’s most senior teachers and have kept training ever since.
I’ve been lucky enough to study with the likes of Donna Farhi and Judith Lasater and recently with Jambo Turong (Forrest Yoga guardian) here in England.
In 2012 I undertook a year long pre and post natal diploma with the International Yoga Teachers Association and my real passion for women’s health was ignited.
Now I love teaching women of any age how to get the most out of their bodies and to still those buzzing minds!

Part of my obsession with pelvic floor function (and dysfunction) comes from healing myself:  In 2011 I went into labour at 24wks with my third child and after a cervical stitch and strong anti labour drugs, was put on strict bedrest for four months to save the pregnancy.  I lay on my left, with heart down and hips up for most of this time.
Because of atrophied muscles, my pubic bone split at 31 weeks when I tried to get up suddenly. Argh!!! Full Pubic Symphasis Diastasis 🙁
I used every one of the yoga tools I now teach to birth naturally with that condition, despite dealing with a highly pressurised medical situation. Initially unable to walk post birth because of the PS diastasis, I was diligent with research and rehabilitation and managed to heal myself completely without surgery.
I was even jumping on the trampoline with my kids before peri menopause kicked in 🙂

Through my extensive research and ongoing training and teaching, I’ve found that much of the pelvic floor dysfunction and birthing problems I’m coming across have to do with tension around the pelvis and postural misalignment.

Increasingly, my focus is on educating women about the natural alignment and function of the pelvis (the centre of one’s gravity) and how to stand and move well within the therapeutic realm of Yoga.

I take a keen interest in all aspects of functional wellbeing so that I can help my students as holistically as possible.

I’d love to be part of your yoga and wellness journey

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YogaMums Privacy Policy

At YogaMums we care deeply about protecting your personal information.  If you’re a student with YogaMums you will have completed a health form which is kept as a paper document in a locked, fireproof cabinet.  Your personal information is not kept digitally and will never be shared.  It will be disposed of confidentially after two years and ongoing students will then be asked to update their health form to keep track of any changing medical issues.

If you receive occasional emails from YogaMums about retreats, classes or workshops but no longer want to, please email info@www.yogamums.net and we’ll take you off our email database.

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