Why you need to BREATHE!

Linda StephensPelvic floor

Learning to breathe properly – deeply and diaphragmatically, could be your wellbeing salvation. You can energise your body and clarify your mind with the breath. You can access the parasympathetic nervous system and profoundly relax through the breath. You can change your mental state by changing the breath. Not being able to breath deeply will affect your mood and your … Read More

Santosha and a Yellow Bike

Linda StephensLife lessons, Relaxation

  In yoga philosophy, ‘Santosha’ is a concept that broadly means to accept and be content with that which presents itself in our lives. To be able to sit with ‘what is’ and be ok with it. Through Acceptance we reach a state of contentment that then allows us to move beyond our limitation. Acceptance it seems, is the key … Read More

Posture & Pelvic floor Yoga

Linda StephensCore, Pelvic floor, post-natal, Posture

Sorry, but it’s one big fat, misinformed, problematic, outdated ‘untruth’. There is a fast growing awareness across the Western world that what we do to the environment; what we do to our bodies, what we eat and drink, how we sleep, how we think – ALL contribute directly to our health. And having survived the 80’s & 90’s, we all … Read More

What is YogaBirthing?

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Yoga helps us be mindful and present, to sit with ‘what is’ right now. The pregnant body is incredibly wise, so we want to tune in to the body for the source of knowledge that it is. YogaBirthing teaches us to work with this deeply instinctual wisdom to help us birth as naturally as possible. Many women think that they … Read More