“Best Yoga class I’ve been to. Focusses on all the bits I want” – Jane

“A very relaxing and calming time for a mum – that is after a challenging stretch and work-out! Always feel refreshed after a class. Utterly lovely.” – Sarah

Pelvic Floor, Core & Yoga

In my intensive “Floor, Core & Yoga” courses I’ll teach you how to re-train your pelvic floor in holistic ways, activate those deep core tummy muscles (all the time, not just in class) and help you create an aligned posture to make you feel tall and strong.

Your pelvis is the centre of your gravity, you need to know how to hold yourself in alignment for all the other activities you do (including sitting), otherwise they may be causing you more harm than good.
Addressing long term aches, pains and dysfunction starts with your posture!

In this class, you’ll get an uplifting yoga practice to stretch and release knotted mind and muscles. I’ll also teach you how to breathe properly, linking your diaphragmatic breath to your pelvic floor function – there are lots of ‘aha!’ moments.

Each class finishes with a delicious Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) session.

*No yoga experience needed.


Friday Pelvic Floor, Core & Yoga


New 5 wk 1/2 term block (£65) starts April 26th.
Casual £15
*Due to illness Linda’s class is currently being covered by Hannah Epps

Bookings essential

“More challenging than expected, but in a very positive way. Linda has helped me strengthen my core whilst relaxing my body and my mind”Michelle
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