“Fantastic descriptions of your body without inhibitions, so self confidence grows. My energy and flexibility is coming back little by little” Monica

Posture & pelvic floor

My Posture and Pelvic Floor class evolved from recognising a real need for this info and realignment in many of my students. It’s crazy that upward of 60% (some surveys report 80%) of women will deal with some pelvic floor dysfunction in their lifetimes. Our organs should not be falling out of our bodies!

In my Posture & Pelvic Floor Yoga class you’ll learn how to realign your bones and muscles to stand tall. Straight away you’ll feel different! We open and release the muscles supporting the pelvis to allow you to start mobilising this area. We strengthen and lift your bum (gluteal) muscles so that your pelvic floor can move to its functional length. We focus on diaphragmatic breathing that nourishes the pelvic floor and ‘inner corset’ muscles and helps you release long held tension patterns. You’ll learn to breath deeply to calm your central nervous system 🙂

You’ll learn WHY you have shoulder and neck pain and how to change your posture and breathing to address this affliction.
And yes, where appropriate and in aligned positions, I’ll teach you different levels of Kegel style contractions 😉


Posture & Pelvic Floor Yoga
Mondays 7.45-9.15pm

Due to illness, this class has been temporarily suspended.  Due to resume after May half term.


“I love Monday night yoga with Linda – it’s fabulous. Linda is a really talented teacher who guides you expertly through all the poses and moves. The whole vibe in the room is great and I always come out of the session with a smile on my face!” Miranda
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