A tailored personal training session addressing your individual wellness needs with a home practice written up. This is perfect if you need to build strength or confidence before attending group classes, have specific physical issues, or just can’t yet commit to regular classes.

In a typical session, we’ll assess your health requirements and create achievable goals, and then work out a plan to achieve them.  I’ll then take you through stages of exercises and yoga therapies, including asana, pranayama (breathing tools) and meditation techniques, all suitable for your situation.
A first consultation takes about 90 minutes, sometimes more. Subsequent sessions are about 60 minutes.

Small groups also catered for.


“Linda takes care of you individually, physically and mentally. She has helped my self confidence, focus, belief in myself and concentration.” Monica

“The one on one session I did with you was SO helpful throughout the labour.
Amazing how much information you managed to share in just a couple of hours. Thank you so much again. It was such a positive experience.”

  • Full assessment, 1:1 class and creation of home programme (approx 90 mins face to face & 90 mins on writing up detailed home programme with video links) £120

  • 1 hour 1:1 class £75 (take own notes)

  • 2 or more 1:1 class £65 each
  • (Small groups also catered for, price on application.)
  • YogaBirthing for Couples £199 approx 2 hrs.  Includes £20 workbook & post natal recovery info.
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