“This workshop should be available on the NHS. 10/10 excellent” – Aimee

“I liked that Mike put the blokes at ease. It felt very much a joint effort and really helped empower us with knowledge of what to do” – Ed

“Don’t hesitate to take the couples class, it has helped us prepare better than anything else we have read or practised!! We feel we are now armed with a coping tool for any scenario. Mike made my husband feel relaxed and integral to helping me when the big day comes. I cannot recommend Linda enough as a teacher, she is incredible” – Dani

YogaBirthing Couples’ Workshops

Studies continuously show that when a father is present and supportive during birth, every aspect of a normal birth, and relationships within the family after birth, are improved.
My husband and co-workshop teacher Mike was my support person and advocate/gatekeeper through an emergency cesarean and two natural VBAC’s; one with lots of medical complications.
Mike has ‘walked the walk’ and now enjoys ‘talking the talk’: Helping me to equip other Dads and Mums for one of the most significant days of their lives.
I’ve had extensive pre and post natal yoga training and have taught yoga birthing tools for many years. I’m passionate about equipping others for their birth, no matter how it unfolds.

“We would recommend this workshop to every expectant couple as a ‘must do’.” Ellie & Rob

“Great with other Dads being there, sharing experiences and learning techniques to help through labour.” Stuart

“Linda and Mike are amazing together.  They are armed with a wealth of knowledge to install you with confidence about coping with birth and parenthood too.” Dan


  • Next dates:  Thurs Sept 26th & 3rd Oct tbc
  • 7-9.30pm (2 x 2 1/2 hr sessions)
  • Updated workbook, laminated birth tool cue sheet and refreshments included.
  • Bring a notebook and wear comfortable clothing.
Dads, you’ll learn:
*How and when to transition to hospital and create the perfect birthing environent
*what happens as the stages of labour progress and what you can do to help make it happen,
*massage and acupressure for pain reduction and endorphin release,
*how to keep her ‘in the zone’ and producing essential oxytocin,
*liaising effectively with hospital staff to avoid unnecessary medical intervention (and helping when it is),
*how to ‘hold space’ if intervention IS necessary,
*helping re-start a stalled labour,
*slowing intense contractions down,
*moving through exhaustion,
*encouraging the natural expulsion reflex plus what to do as baby is born and immediately afterwards
*how to navigate the weeks after birthing.  Including key tips from local experts on breastfeeding, sleep patterns, healing nutrition, visitor management, relationship changes and more.

…there is so much you can do to facilitate the birth and recovery!  Statistics show that birth intervention drops by more than 50% when the Dad is actively involved in supporting the birth.   

*You will get an extensive take home manual that covers everything we learn and more. You’ll also get a handy laminated ‘reminder’ sheet of key postures and breathing techniques to have with you wherever you birth.
You’ll leave feeling empowered to ‘be in control of letting go of being in control’ and as a team, help her uterus birth your baby 🙂
**To read more about the Couples Birth Preparation workshop click HERE

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PRIVATE 1:1 WORKSHOPS also available from £199, approx 2 1/2 hrs

“The one on one session I did with you was SO helpful throughout the labour. Thank you so much! The labour was pretty quick (less than 4 hours from first contraction to delivery) but I used the different positions to help cope with the contractions and the quick tutorial you gave Tim on the right kind of massage to do was amazing. The breathing exercises were also brilliant – so simple but absolutely critical for feeling in control and managing the pain. I definitely focused on ‘breathing’ the baby out rather than pushing this time and it seemed so much more natural than my first labour and meant that I didn’t have any tearing and feel absolutely fine now 🙂
Amazing how much information you managed to share in just a couple of hours. Thank you so much again. It was such a positive experience.” Polly

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