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“We would recommend this workshop to every expectant couple as a ‘must do’.”
Ellie & Rob

This birthing workshop is different from most: your husband/partner will get a male perspective from a Dad who’s been an advocate and coach through an emergency cesarean, a natural VBAC, an external rotation of a breech baby and a complicated birth.

Dads, you’ll learn practical skills: Massaging your partner for pain reduction and endorphin release, keeping her relaxed and in ‘the zone’, dealing with hospital staff to avoid unnecessary medical intervention, helping re-start a stalled labour, slowing intense contractions down, moving through exhaustion, encouraging the natural expulsion reflex AND, how to navigate the first post birth weeks …birth your baby TOGETHER.

Great session! Birth partner felt massively empowered. Great male perspective. So reassuring for mum that your partner understands how to support you and be the advocate. Don’t hesitate, do attend, really really enjoyed it!
– Cat [/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”false”]Workshop topics:[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]*The mechanics: How the pelvis and uterus are designed for birth and the benefits of Yoga tools
* Understanding each phase of labour, what may occur and how you as a couple can respond.
* The birth environment, how the Dad can create the optimal space for your birth in hospital or at home
* What Dad can do to be as proactive and helpful at each stage.
* Breathing techniques for you both to stay focussed, energised and relaxed throughout the birth
* Empowering tips to help Dad be your strong advocate during the birth (your voice)
* How the Dad can deal with his own anxiety/exhaustion/strong emotions during your labour & birth
* YogaBirthing positions and movement to help the uterus birth your baby, including increasing contractions if labour stalls or slowing down a rapid birth.
* Massage techniques and acupressure points to alleviate pain, relax you, calm you, aid the uterine contractions and also help induce the labour if it has stalled.
* Natural pain management techniques
* Delivery of the baby, delivery of the placenta, cord clamping
* What to do if things go ‘off plan’ and medical intervention is necessary.
*Welcoming your baby and the first hours after birth
*Advice on the days and weeks following the birth
You also get a ‘take home’ pack to remind you about and give more information on everything we cover, including a ‘pack in the hospital bag’ laminated prompt sheet with key positions and breathing cues.

“I liked that Mike put the blokes at ease. It felt very much a joint effort and really helped empower us with knowledge of what to do” – Ed
[/cs_text][cs_text]As a Dad, you can get excited about helping to bring your child into this world!

Studies continuously show that when a father is present and supportive during birth, every aspect of a normal birth, and relationships within the family after birth, are improved.
It is a life affirming, bonding, magical time as endorphins and the love hormone oxytocin flows around the new family.

This could be the most important job you’ll do in your life. As I always say: “You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, the birth may be the biggest physical and mental event of BOTH of your lives…training for it just makes sense.”

The Couples YogaBirthing Workshop will help you!  Mike is a coach and a naturally warm, fun bloke to be around.  Dads have found it very easy to relate to him and enjoy his energy (and birthing anecdotes!)
He has ‘walked the walk’ and now enjoys ‘talking the talk’; helping to equip other Dads for what may well be the most significant moment of their lives, as they welcome their child into the world.

“Mike was fab and definitely an asset to have for nervous/skeptical fellas” – Matt

I’ve had extensive pre and post natal yoga training and have taught yoga birthing tools in classes for many years. They were invaluable to me in dealing with the very different circumstances my three births presented.

You’ll leave a private YogaBirthing workshop empowered, knowledgable and excited to get birthing as a team!

“Lovely that a couple leads the workshop for couples” – ksenia

” Both of us not only learnt a lot more about the labour process but also both came out feeling confident and empowered about having a wonderful birth experience. No matter if it doesn’t go exactly how I would like it to, we feel we are now armed with a coping tool for any scenario…..Having Mike there really helped my husband feel more relaxed and included. He now feels useful and integral in helping me when the big day comes.
I cannot recommend Linda enough as a teacher, she is incredible.
Don’t hesitate to take the couples class, it has helped us mentally prepare better than anything else we have read or practised!!’’

– Dani

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