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Learning to breathe properly – deeply and diaphragmatically, could be your wellbeing salvation.

You can energise your body and clarify your mind with the breath.

You can access the parasympathetic nervous system and profoundly relax through the breath.

You can change your mental state by changing the breath.

Not being able to breath deeply will affect your mood and your nervous system.  You are likely to be more reactive, highly strung and prone to anxiety.

Breathing is a process that your body does automatically, but you can also bring profound consciousness to it!

The diaphragm is facially connected in to the pelvic floor.  Known as the ‘pelvic diaphragm’, the pelvic floor works in conjunction with the diaphragm to regulate intra abdominal pressure.

On the IN breath, the pelvic floor ‘receives’ the breath and lengthens.  On the EXHALE, the pelvic floor is vacuumed upwards and is toned.  So knowing how to breath properly can significantly improve pelvic floor function!

In yoga, we use different pranayama (breath technique) to help access different states.  The commonly practiced Ujayi breath is used with asana (postures) to oxygenate the body and progressively still the mind.

Practising Nadi Sodona (alternate nostril breathing) can help ease pain – especially back pain!  It’s also a fantastic practice before bed to calm the mind and offset insomnia.

There are many breath techniques but the starting point is deep, full breathing that allows the diaphragm to release tension.

Here’s a link to me teaching basic Yoga breath (top right vid).

Enjoy some deep breathing today and deep the benefits!

Breathe and Replenish body, mind and spirit!




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