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1:1 Gold Session Certificate


RRP £145 - XMAS SALE £95

In this tailored session, we’ll start off by assessing your health requirements, taking a history and getting a clear picture of your current challenges.  We’ll prioritise your wellbeing needs; creating goals around achieving these, and then together we'll work out an action plan!

I’ll then teach you the various yoga therapies I’m subscribing; including asana, physio style exercises, pranayama (breathing tools) and meditation techniques - all suitable for your situation.  If there are health professionals who I think could help you achieve your wellbeing goals, I’ll give you their details.

Once the session is over, I’ll write up your home programme, creating/attaching relevant videos for you to follow at home where necessary.

I’ll also add any dietary and lifestyle suggestions I made in the session.


There is an expectation that you do the homework!  We can check in after a month or so and see if your home programme needs updating.  It’s good to come for a regular 1:1 session for this.