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Posture & Pelvic Core Restore Box Set #1

RRP £45  

Are you peri-post menopausal or a post natal mum?  Are you suffering with hormonal changes and core instability?  These tailored yoga classes are designed for you!

8 x full length Posture & Pelvic Core Restore Yoga classes PLUS bonus 'How To' tips and sequences.

Strengthen key muscles for pelvic stability and postural balance, release common tension spots around hips and shoulders, work with diaphragmatic breathing and synergised core activation for optimal toning. 

Learn corrective movement patterns that will benefit you for life, wrapped up in yoga classes designed for you.

80% of western women suffer with some form of pelvic dysfunction in their lifetimes. It’s never too early, or too late to learn about pelvic health. Start strengthening, toning and lengthening today!  With each practice, you'll move into stillness.