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Yogabirthing Bootcamp Box Set

RRP £45.   

"You wouldn’t run a marathon without training.  Birthing may be the biggest physical, mental and emotional event of your life.  Preparing for it just makes sense.”  Linda

6 x full length tailored classes PLUS bonus 'How To' exercises.

YogaBirthing with Linda Stephens is a system that uses yoga tools plus effective techniques learnt and practiced over the past 13 years to help prepare you for a positive birth experience, no matter how it unfolds.

In this YogaBirthing Box Set, I’ve included some key ‘How To’ videos to drill down on important aspects of your birth training like: Breathing for birth, optimal birthing positions, posture tips in pregnancy, and pelvic floor preparation.

Each 75 min full length class also has a different focus including:Breathing techniques for different phases in labour, pelvic floor toning and effective release, how to increase strength of contractions, how to work with an induction, flowing moves to enhance the parasympathetic nervous system, working with the uterus to enhance contraction effectiveness, key acupressure points and more!

If you’d like to work with me further to prepare for your birth, do get in touch.  I also offer group classes, 1:1 sessions and a fully comprehensive YogaBirthing and Birth Prep online course plus a Couples Birth Prep Workshop aimed at getting Dad ready to be an awesome birth support and advocate. Have a look at www.yogamums.net for details.