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Mens Retreat 2020

Marrakesh March 11-14 2020 De-Stress & Re-Boot: MEN’S WELLBEING & FITNESS RETREAT

The retreat resort hotel is located just outside ancient Marrakesh, near the foothills of the Atlas mountains and surrounded by a traditional Berber village.  

Enjoy 3 days, 3 nights away from ALL commitments to completely unwind, de-stress and re-charge the batteries.   Come back feeling like the best version of you, armed with fitness practices to maintain the changes you make.

Your retreat details:

  • Atlas Mountain Hiking with a difference: Learn how to walk and run aligned and pain free.  Learn Chi walking – a style of moving meditation and heightened awareness.
  • Daily mens yoga stretch classes will focus on relieving common tension spots: Lower back, hip flexors, neck and shoulders plus learn effective core strengthening exercises.   
  • In evening restorative yoga you’ll learn simple mindfulness techniques to drain away tension and enhance your no 1 stress busting tool – your breath! 
  • Detoxify with plentiful fresh, delicious and cleansing Moroccan food, much of it sourced locally.  All food included and all dietary requirements accommodated.  Evening meals in the beautiful Moroccan dining room or outdoor bar area (awesome wines) and breakfast and lunch on terraces overlooking the surrounding mountains.  
  • Swim, chillax, read and chat with others around two large, heated swimming pools 
  • There’s a great value Hamman/Spa on site for tension busting therapies.
  • Best of all, your OWN large, luxury Moroccan room with ensuite and relaxation area (some with terraces or balconies).  Sleep deeply and come home properly rejuvenated.  

As Eleanor Brown so eloquently said:

“When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from your overflow.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel”.

We’re at a pivotal time in history right now.  The world needs men who can create a safe space for others but who also know how to express their own concerns and desires.  Men who have the self awareness to live life guided by strong boundaries and values.  

This retreat is all about De-Stressing and Re-Booting to come back the BEST version of yourself.    


Your retreat leader is 47yr old Michael Stephens.  Husband to Linda, father of three, business leader, career coach, Chi runner and run coach plus RCBT councillor in training, Mike is an unassuming, inspiring and engaging facilitator.

His story: Last year saw Mike run his first marathon in an excellent time.  Two weeks later, at a particularly stressful time at work and after a sprint training session; Mike suffered a heart attack.

It turned out he’d run that marathon with two of his three arteries 95% blocked.  A year on and Mike has made an extraordinary comeback and is fitter than ever; but some major life adjustments were made to get here.

 Since his heart surgery, Mike has completely changed his diet and is now vegetarian.  He ‘chi walks’ and meditates early most mornings.  He’s changed his work role, shedding responsibilities that weren’t ‘heart friendly’ for him and he’s now in his second year of RCBT counselling training with the intention of bringing stress busting wellbeing practices to the leaders he works with.   

Retreat Costs :  

Men’s 2020 De-Stress Atlas Mountain Hiking, Stretch & Wellbeing Retreat, led by Michael Stephens: £650   Wednesday March 11th- Saturday March 14th: 3 days 3 nights Own double room suite & full board:  £100 deposit and £550 balance (or 3 x £185 instalments option).  

 **October Offer: Book with a friend before Oct 31st and you’ll both qualify for a 1:1 yoga therapy session with Linda Stephens in her garden yoga studio worth £120 each.  Check out what this Gold Band 1:1 session entails HERE 

 Best flight options will be provided upon booking, but currently are approx £100 return with Easyjet/BA. Marrakesh – Retreat Transfers approx £25

  Email linda@yogamums.net or call 07565916415 with any questions. 

As a specialist in women’s pelvic health Linda brings a wealth of experience to birth coaching, post natal recovery and yoga for ALL women through perimenopause and beyond. 

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