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'YogaBirthing Bootcamp' Birth Prep Course

“Rated 5/5.  As well as experiencing the immediate physical benefits of yoga in pregnancy, the classes helped prepare my body AND mind for a positive birth experience and I went into labour with amazing tools that really worked.  I highly recommend this class!” – Elaine

My Yogabirthing Bootcamp prenatal classes and indepth homework notes and videos are designed to get you ready for what may be the biggest physical and emotional event of your life. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, preparing physically and mentally for birth just makes sense!

I’ve done extensive post graduate training and have been teaching pregnant women and their partners for over 12 years now.  I am passionate about helping empower women (and partners) to go into the birth that unfolds for them with a full ‘toolbox’.

Through my own three very different births I can vouch that these Yoga tools are invaluable in pretty much all pregnancy and labour scenarios, directly alleviating aches and pains (the Gate Theory of pain) and, keeping you grounded and deeply relaxed.

My YogaBirthing classes are all about teaching you how to ‘be in control of letting go of being in control’, an incredible ‘anchor’ that will help you embrace whatever birth unfolds for you, moment to moment. 

The 6 week YogaBirthing Bootcamp course consists of pre recorded full length classes emailed every Saturday at 9.30am then homework e-booklet notes and ‘drill down’ videos to practice the key tools for birthing between classes.  Each class incorporates yoga stretching and strengthening to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains, pelvic floor toning and exercises to prepare your body for birth; but each one is also focussed on a different aspect of labour preparation.  

The homework notes and videos expand on that weeks’ theme:

Week 1: Breathing for Birth and the biology of birthing 

Week 2: Key Postitions and Movement and working with the uterus

Week 3: The Gate Theory Of Pain and how to work with the brain.

Week 4: Avoiding induction/working with induction.  Accupressure points and more 

Week 5: Self hypnosis and deep Relaxation

Week 6: The 4th Trimester and immediate post natal recovery practices.  

NOTE:  If you would like to do this course in your own time, please get in touch.  The material can be sent to you in modules whenever you like, to suit your own schedule. 

Saturdays 9.30am-10.45am

Pre Recorded Classes sent out

Plus, weekly course notes and homework videos drilling down on each subject.  This material must be completed before the following Saturday.  You get to keep the whole course and keep practicing with it until labour and beyond.

BONUS: Doing this course also qualifies you for a 60% discount on a 30 min ‘Tips & Pointers’ 1:1 session with me where we can discuss your individual needs and I can give you tailored advice.  (Code received on booking)

Email Questions to linda@yogamums.net

What People Say

“I birthed a 9lb 6 baby just through breathing, gas and air and seemingly finding my inner bear!  Thanks again for all the tools, techniques and confidence.” Amanda

“Seeing Linda throughout my pregnancy kept me feeling calm and I left every class feeling empowered and energised. My birth did not go to plan, however her breathing techniques and vocal toning were essential and kept my mind focused. I even used buzzy bee breath with my fingers in my ears as they performed my c section. Linda was always at the end of the line in case I had questions… she extends her care outside of the classes and gives love, support and encouragement to all of the Mamas she meets. We are so lucky to have her on our doorstep… her knowledge and experience is incredible… she is single handedly changing woman’s birthing experiences by giving them the tools to trust our amazing bodies!” Amy

“I started Linda’s classes when I was 19wks up until 40wks and loved every one of them! My husband and I also attended the yoga birthing workshop which was invaluable to us both. Both the physical and mental preparation these classes teaches helped shape such a positive birth experience for us and our Daughter. Thank you Linda!” Kate

“Your classes have been so hugely beneficial in preparing me for this birth and I’ve really enjoyed coming along.” Nikki

“The training from class was extremely helpful during the labour. Thanks for all the work and knowledge you provided in class.” Chrissy

“Pre-natal yoga with Linda was brilliant during my second pregnancy. Linda is such a knowledgeable and kind teacher. She showed me how to stay mobile without overdoing things, despite an SPD diagnosis at 24 weeks. She also taught us a whole range of tips and techniques that really worked when I went in to labour. Highly recommend this class!” – Elaine

YA Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens specialises in women's health.  She has done exstensive post graduate trainings in pre and post natal yoga, and yoga therapy for peri to post menopausal women.

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