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CORE EMPOWER! Posture & Pelvic Core Restore Mentorship

Are you peri-post menopausal or post natal?  Are you suffering with hormonal changes and core instability?  

This is not your ‘lot’ in life now.  Huge advances in research and understanding of the unique female body and brain are giving us tools to create positive change!

This course is all about enhancing YOUR life and helping you to get your Mojo back 🙂

In my Posture & Pelvic Core Restore Mentorship I take you through my own programme devised from 13 years of experience specialising in women’s health, multiple specialist trainings, ‘Hypopressives’ (a core lifting and toning technique) biomechanics and physiotherapy exercises…and more importantly, my own journey healing from birthing with a split pelvis, a cesarean birth and a natural birth plus huge life shifts that I’ve experienced from my own hormonal changes in peri menopause.

My aim is to help you understand then take charge of your hormonal, pelvic floor and core health, for good! 

The Pelvic Core Restore Mentorship gives you the latest in pelvic wellbeing, core strength, hormonal balance, brain, bone and heart health, diet and lifestyle changes and stress reduction practices.

The six week in person course consists of

– 6 x specialist 90 min classes 

– 6 x comprehensive online course modules with important information and detailed video exercises drilling down on the practices that I believe are so important for long term women’s health.

– ‘How To’ homework videos 

– Lots of extra sequences, tips, links and interviews to round out your peri-post menopause wellbeing knowledge base.

Nutrition, lifestyle tips, information on hormonal changes and HRT, bladder training, pelvic floor down training and incredibly effective toning techniques. This is an indepth intensive programme devised for those who are serious about ‘Getting Their Spring Back’ and learning women’s wellbeing to get the most out of life.

I believe that there has never been a more important time for women to fully show up in this world, but pelvic and core dysfunction and posture induced pain can tarnish our best intentions.  So can the brain fog, memory loss and anxiety (etc etc) that comes with fluctuating progesterone and oestrogen.  

Change is the one constant in life.  However, with focus and the right teachings, whatever you’re dealing with can change for the better. 

Following the work of a world leading biomechanics expert, I healed myself after birthing with Pubic Symphysis Diastasis (split pubic bone) eight years ago, and have been on a journey of research and discovery to improve pelvic floor dysfunction for myself and students ever since.

And, now I’m experiencing perimenopause myself, so a whole new world of holistic practices are on my radar and in my teaching tool kit.  

Come and join me for the ride.  Knowledge is power and empowering yourself feels good!

* This course is especially designed for post natal and peri to post menopausal women.

** I’ve recently completed a further year of specific training in peri to post menopause women’s health with world leaders in this field Burrell Education; I’ve interviewed urogynaecologists and hormone specialists and continue to work with pelvic floor physiotherapists.  I strive to serve my clients better and have a great network of specialists to refer to where necessary.  So, by undertaking this mentorship, I will hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls many women fall into simply because they don’t understand what happens with hormones at peri menopause; how the muscle fibres in the pelvic bowl and pelvic floor are affected, and the changes we need to make to optimise our fitness as we move into our wisdom years!

Get your Mojo back!

New dates TBA – on hold with latest Covid restrictions.

You’ll be enrolled into my new, comprehensive online course that will teach you how to manage menopause, get strong and get your mojo back!

Each week you’ll receive a module of lessons. Follow the information links and ‘how to’ videos; watch 25 min homework videos and cement your learnings with full length 75 min tailored yoga classes.

Online participants get an optional free 20 min Zoom call with me to check in & discuss main issues (email to sort a date & time), plus access to my CORE EMPOWER private FB group for accountability, to ask questions and get extra tips and info.   

Email linda@yogamums.net with questions. 

What People Say

“I’m a physio and have attended many women’s health courses and I just wanted to say that your descriptions, explanations and teaching style are the best I’ve come across” – Karen

“Very clear, practical information and exercises for women.  It’s been so great to learn these techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor and so much more ” – Claire

“Excellent to be able to focus on issues specific to women’s bodies, 10/10 course” – Alison

“I’ve been doing pelvic floor exercises all wrong!  Which explains a lot…Loved it, 100%!” – Emma

“Linda’s knowledge is phenomenal.  I have learnt so much.  This course is literally life changing” – Sue

“A fantastic course that gives you the tools to take charge of your pelvic floor issues” – Helen

YA Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens specialises in women's health.  She has done exstensive post graduate trainings in pre and post natal yoga, and yoga therapy for peri to post menopausal women.

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