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Post Natal Recovery

“I cannot recommend Linda’s yoga classes highly enough, in pregnancy or after. I am a women’s health physiotherapist and find her knowledge of the core and pelvic floor to be excellent.  The postnatal class is a refuge of support and shared experiences. I have gained the strength back in my stomach and pelvic floor, and also my arms and back to be able to lift my giant baby!” – Tammy

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In these post natal recovery classes, I’ll teach you how to deeply heal and strengthen your core musculature structure and supportive muscle groups. With specific exercises, alignment cues and breath techniques we’ll help your body recover from your birth.

You’ll learn to retrain essential postural muscles whilst your feeding or carrying bub, hopefully getting you on track to keep strong and healthy in the post natal years to come, and avoiding longer term back and pelvic floor issues.

You’ll meet other local mums and have the opportunity to share your experiences. It’s so important for us to know we are not alone on this amazing but often daunting motherhood journey!

Pre crawling babies very welcome, (we do some baby yoga and massage) but you can come by yourself too. I have been teaching both pre and post natal yoga for many years and have 3 little monkeys of my own.


  Thursdays 11:15am – 12:15pm

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The Daniel Scout Hall, central Farnham 

What People Say

“Such a brilliant class.. So much fun and I always leave feeling taller and stronger. Linda, you are an inspiration. Thank you.” Emma M

As a specialist in women’s pelvic health Linda brings a wealth of experience to birth coaching, post natal recovery and yoga for ALL women through perimenopause and beyond. 

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