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Midlife Pelvic Floor & Core Weakness?  

Take back control!

CORE EMPOWER is THE Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Rehab Course. You’ll learn effective every day tools to revitalise your core, pelvic floor, whole body and mind. Read on to find out more…

Does this sound familiar?

“My back pain’s unbearable and I pee if I run”

“Despite spending a fortune with the chiropractor, I’ve got constant lower back pain.”

“I suffer from constipation, leak when I exercise, I have prolapse and always need the loo.” 

“I’m exhausted and my symptoms are so bad, but the doctor didn’t listen and I left in total despair.”

Your core and pelvic floor are in a sad state.

You’ve googled and tried following YouTube videos but its overwhelming.

If you need to get stronger both physically AND mentally, but life’s demanding, you need a one stop solution. 

Your solution…

CORE EMPOWER is a Womens Health yoga programme designed by a busy Mum who healed herself from the same symptoms you’re suffering with, using ancient yoga therapy tools and lifestyle hacks.

We need women to shine in the world right now.  But you can’t be your best self when bladder leakage or back pain is hampering your best intentions. 

CORE EMPOWER is THE modern Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Rehab Course.

You’ll learn effective every day tools to revitalise your core, pelvic floor, whole body and mind.  

You’ll learn how to stop leaking and manage prolapse symptoms.  You’ll learn what’s happening with your hormones, how to balance them, how to align your posture and balance your whole body, so everything feels stronger and works better!

At the end of each module, you’ll find a 25 minute homework video which drills down on the key learnings, PLUS a full length 75 min class to cement the module and practice with regularly.  


The full in depth CORE EMPOWER course runs over 6 modules. 

Pelvic Floor & Core Yoga Therapy, Biomechanics, Bladder & Bowel Health, Deep Relaxation Tools, Hormone and nutrition advice for midlife women. 

Because, when we know better, we do better. 

Complete a module a week or create your own schedule. Join the Facebook group for accountability. In no time you’ll be breathing better, standing taller, getting stronger and controlling those ‘whoops’ moments.

More about me…

Linda Stephens is a 49yr old Women’s Wellbeing Yoga teacher & Mum of 3, who birthed her 3rd at 40yrs with a split pelvis!  Unsurprisingly, she couldn’t walk afterwards and was in a world of pain. As a specialist yoga teacher she researched, followed the world’s leading biomechanics experts and healed herself, using many of the tools in this course. 

A few years later, hormone changes in peri menopause upended much of her good work! Back to the drawing board, back to research, back to deep learning to find potent solutions. 

The result in 2020 is CORE EMPOWER.   

What people are staying…

“Your course was absolutely fantastic. You know so much. You care so much.”

“I’ve looked elsewhere. Your energy is exactly what I need.”

“I joined Linda’s course to improve my posture, pelvic floor after three children and to improve my core strength following cancer treatment. Her positivity is contagious! The classes are also fun, incredibly relaxing, I always finish feeling calm and nurtured.”

What you’ll learn…

  • Gain in-depth understanding of why your pelvic muscles are not working well.
  • Understand the biomechanics so you can understand how to change that!
  • Learn to breathe deeply, fully, invigoratingly, calmingly through your nose.
  • Learn to stand and sit so that your posture is aligned and you feel vital. Your corsetry muscles will also fire automatically!
  • Learn to properly engage your pelvic floor muscles and then your deep core muscles. Learn to activate both slow and fast twitch muscle fibres using proven techniques.
  • Learn ‘The Knack’ to regulate intra abdominal pressure and protect your pelvic floor in every day life.
  • Learn to strengthen your key stabilising muscles both around the pelvis and deep in the pelvic bowl.
  • Practice balancing and simple movement to keep you sharp, strong, mobile, and flexible as you age.
  • Learn how to manage your bladder and optimise bowel health.
  • Learn the truth about modern HRT plus lifestyle and nutrition tips to optimise your natural hormone production.
  • Follow Homework ‘Drill Down’ videos for key practices as well as full length tailored yoga classes to cement your learnings.

I want you knowing HOW to look after yourself and declaring “I’m not ageing, I’m sageing” as you embrace your wisdom years!

13 years of research, training, practice and refining is behind the creation of CORE EMPOWER.  This distillation of learning is for real women with everyday common problems, from a midlife mum who’s experienced what you’ve experienced, done the research, the training and the work to heal herself and her students.

Now you can benefit from her hard work and experiential wisdom too.

YA Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens specialises in women's health.  She has done exstensive post graduate trainings in pre and post natal yoga, and yoga therapy for peri to post menopausal women.

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