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The Lockdown Toolkit

Trying to juggle lockdown life, home-schooling, work and more?

I totally get that life is particularly intense, draining and compressing right now. 

*It can feel like we’re “doing it all” on our own. 
*We’re having to deal with everyone else’s needs and demands
*Physically, we can feel stuck, tight and tense.  
*We may have neglected our pelvic floors and our tummies might be feeling a little flabby…😞 

Being a business owner and mum myself, I know that at the moment, long yoga sessions are hard to fit in, so I’ve put together some short ‘on point’ Yoga sequences for stress relief and strengthening with the aim of releasing built up tension.

BONUS!  When you buy YOUR toolkit, you’ll also donate one to an NHS frontline nurse of your choice (or I can donate for you).

“This is exactly what I was after, some relaxation before bed, some stretching when I feel stiff from sitting at the desk”

“Just did the morning wake up routine. It was perfect, I just did it in the lounge with the kids playing and watching tv. Gave me some me time and gosh I was stiff. I’ve been doing lots of running and forgot how I also need to stretch more.” Claire

What would it mean for you if you could breathe and stretch the stress away anytime, and enjoy that ‘I’ve just had a massage’ yoga class feeling in under 30 minutes? 

My Lockdown Toolkit is a mini yoga library of 6 to 30 minute sequences designed to help you energise, relax, unwind, and feel calmer during these uncertain times.

What’s in it? 

The toolkit has 10 x 6min-30min yoga and meditation sessions for morning, night and all the moments in between. These are available on-demand, so you can use them whenever you like.

 Included are the following sessions:

  • 6 min ‘Desk break’ stretch and strengthen sequence

  • 6 min Tight Hip release sequence

  • 12 min Morning Wake Up  class

  • 12 min Evening Wind Down yoga stretches with guided breathe techniques

  • 30 min Posture & Pelvic Floor mini class

  • 15 min Deep relaxation and restorative yoga mini class

  • 8 min Dip into BLISS, guided Ocean relaxation

  • 10 min Back spasm relief tools

  • 15 min Yoga Flow sequence

  • 15 min Guided meditation in restorative pose (for when you need to shut the door and properly de-frazzle)

Ready to rocket your wellbeing progress?

Introducing ‘CALM & EMPOWERED!’

Does this sound familiar?

“My back pain’s unbearable and I pee if I run”

“Despite spending a fortune with the chiropractor, I’ve got constant lower back pain.”

“I suffer from constipation, leak when I exercise, I have prolapse and always need the loo.” 

“I’m exhausted and my symptoms are so bad, but the doctor didn’t listen and I left in total despair.”

Your core and pelvic floor are in a sad state.

You’ve googled and tried following YouTube videos but its overwhelming.

If you need to get stronger both physically AND mentally, but life’s demanding, you need a one stop solution. 

Your solution…

CALM & EMPOWERED is a Womens Health and yoga programme designed by a busy Mum who healed herself from the same symptoms you’re suffering with, using ancient yoga therapy tools and lifestyle hacks.

We need women to shine in the world right now.  But you can’t be your best self when bladder leakage or back pain is hampering your best intentions. 

CALM & EMPOWERED is THE modern Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Rehab Course.

You’ll learn effective every day tools to revitalise your core, pelvic floor, whole body and mind.  

YA Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens specialises in women's health.  She has done exstensive post graduate trainings in pre and post natal yoga, and yoga therapy for peri to post menopausal women.

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