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1 : 1 Private Class

A tailored personal training session addressing your individual wellness needs with a home practice written up. This is perfect if you need to build strength or confidence before attending group classes, have specific physical issues, or just can’t yet commit to regular classes.

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In a Gold Band Session (90-120 mins) we’ll assess your health requirements first, taking a history and getting a clear picture of your current challenges.  We’ll prioritise your wellbeing needs and create goals around achieving these, and then work out an action plan!

I’ll then teach you the various yoga therapies I’m subscribing, including asana, physio style exercises, pranayama (breathing tools) and meditation techniques, all suitable for your situation.  If there are health professionals who I think could help you achieve your wellbeing goals, I’ll give you their details.

Once the session is over, I’ll write up your home programme for you, creating/attaching relevant videos for you to follow at home where necessary.

I’ll also add any dietary and lifestyle suggestions I made in the session.

There is an expectation that you do the homework!  We can check in after a month or so and see if your home programme needs updating.  It’s good to come for a regular 1:1 session for this.

Silver Band: Subsequent sessions/regular private classes are about 60 minutes. These do not include a written up home programme, although you are welcome to take notes/take photos.  I will show you key exercises and therapy tools to help your situation and take you through practices slowly to make sure your technique is right.

**discount offered for 2 or more sessions booked**

Core Restore 1:1  60 minute sessions to teach you Hypopressives (a new core restore system using intra abdominal pressure to create positive changes in pelvic floor & core tone and posture).  These are coupled with key core restore exercises from my own programme.  Sold in 6 session blocks.

**Small groups can also be catered for**

YogaBirthing For Couples Private Workshop

Tailored to YOUR birthing situation and held either in our home or yours, these sessions are typically 2 ½ hours.  Mike and I will help empower you both to feel like you’re birthing as a team.  You’ll learn key breath, positioning, massage and acupressure techniques (many very helpful in a caesarean birth too), plus as the Dad and her birth advocate, you’ll learn how to be the best birth partner possible.  This includes how to interact with hospital staff/midwives, how to help create and maintain her birthing hormones and how to manage your own energetic, mental and emotional needs throughout this life changing event. 

We’ll also cover key post natal recovery tips and tools.

“The one on one session we did with you was SO helpful throughout the labour. I used the different positions to cope with the contractions and the tutorial you gave Tim on the right kind of massage to do was amazing. The breathing exercises were also brilliant – so simple but absolutely critical for feeling in control and managing the pain. Amazing how much information you managed to share in just a couple of hours. Thank you so much again. It was such a positive experience.” Polly


Gold Band (90-120mins) £120

(includes home practice typed up with video links)

Silver Band (60 mins) follow up/stand alone £75

*2 or more sessions booked, £65 each

Core Restore (incl Hypopressives) 6 x 60 min sessions £150

Small groups also catered for, price on application.

YogaBirthing for Couples (approx. 2 1/2hrs) £250

Includes £22 workbook, laminated breath & positions cue sheet & post natal recovery info

To book please email linda@yogamums.net

What People Say

“Linda takes care of you individually, physically and mentally. She has helped my self confidence, focus, belief in myself and concentration.” Monica

“The one on one session I did with you was SO helpful throughout the labour. Amazing how much information you managed to share in just a couple of hours. Thank you so much again. It was such a positive experience.” Polly

As a specialist in women’s pelvic health Linda brings a wealth of experience to birth coaching, post natal recovery and yoga for ALL women through perimenopause and beyond. 

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