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    positive review  I would absolutely recommend Linda’s classes as being beneficial to both body and mind. Linda creates a welcome and safe space, there is no expectation or competition, she is incredibly knowledgable and shares this by coaching you through each movement. She uses visualisation and demonstration to enable different ways of learning. And the relaxation at the end with a warm blanket is an absolute treat! Izzy

    Elizabeth Wigmore Avatar Elizabeth Wigmore
    10th August 2020

    positive review  Not only is Linda one of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet, she is also a fantastic yoga teacher. I had dabbled with yoga on and off over the years before finding Linda and I am still enjoying and benefitting from her classes four years later. Linda has such a wealth of knowledge, not just about yoga but also women’s health and well-being in general - you know you are in safe hands. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy in the body and mind and Linda delivers it beautifully. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone.

    Roberta Cimino Avatar Roberta Cimino
    7th August 2020

    positive review  Having practiced yoga with my first pregnancy back in 2017 with Linda, which i throughly enjoyed, I knew for certain I wanted to join Linda again before birthing my second bubba! All the breathing techniques she taught me and relaxation sessions I took part in, really helped me to unwind, enjoy my pregnancy and make time for myself and time to connect with my baby at what was a very anxious and stressful time during lockdown. When it came to birthing I most definitely had Linda in my head telling me how to birth my baby and it truly was another miracle birth where my baby arrived safely and as calmly as possible. Thanks so much Linda for everything you taught me and giving me something to look forward too every week. Il defiantly be in touch for future yoga classes! Amy xxx

    Amy Atkinson Avatar Amy Atkinson
    18th June 2020

    positive review  Since joining Linda's classes 6months ago, I feel I have benefited greatly from her superb teaching. It has really made me become more mindful in so many areas of my life. I now think about my posture, how i breathe and how to manage life's challenges as they are thrown at you unexpectedly. I started these classes for my lower back issues never thinking that they would have such a huge impact on how I live my life. My lower back has improved as well as the other aches I was started to get being in my mid 40s. Linda is always happy to help with any issues and has a wealth of knowledge and a great network of other like minded professionals if she can not help directly. She has adapted to the recent pandemic and taking it all in her stride. If you are thinking is it for me, I have never tried yoga, well believe me I am quite unfit and Linda reassures you throughout and makes sure you always keep within your limits. The classes she runs are completely inclusive whatever your background. Just give it a go, there are so many things that you take for granted but don't let you body be one of them.

    Clare Tocher Avatar Clare Tocher
    5th June 2020

    positive review  I have been going to Linda's classes for a couple of years now, she is an amazing teacher and has an incredible amount of passion and knowledge about women's core and pelvic floor health. The classes are fun but very effective, I am writing this as we are in Covid lockdown and have been attending classes via Zoom for several weeks, Linda has handled the transition brilliantly, give her classes a try!

    Alison Reynolds Avatar Alison Reynolds
    30th May 2020

    positive review  I've only been doing Linda's Pelvic Floor, Core & Yoga class since September but I've found the switch to Zoom classes very easy. Linda describes and demonstrates all the moves so clearly that it is easy to follow everything including any moves which I'm not familiar with. I love the calm & peaceful contrast with my cardio workouts whilst still feeling I'm strengthening and stretching. I've also learnt so much about my body - how each part influences other areas as Linda has a vast knowledge on women's health. I sometimes feel guilty spending this time on myself but as Linda says - we can't look ourselves, let alone others, if your cup is half empty !

    Ruth Waghorn Avatar Ruth Waghorn
    26th May 2020

    positive review  New Mums, Go to YogaMums and watch her videos!

    Janice Hurlburt Avatar Janice Hurlburt
    28th March 2019

    positive review  Linda is such a wonderful woman, a fantastic teacher, and wealth of invaluable knowledge. I attended the pre natal yogabirthing classes on a Wednesday evening in the beautiful garden studio; this is such a lovely setting, and definately helped with the relaxing vibe. I attended from 15 weeks to 37 weeks pregnant. I learnt so much that I didn't even know I needed to learn. This was my 2nd pregnancy, I was determined to have a more positive birth experience this time around, Linda was absolutely fundamental in helping me to achieve that. Thank you Linda!

    Beth Matthews Avatar Beth Matthews
    9th March 2019

    positive review  I've learnt so much about women's health, posture and the importance of core strength from Linda. She explains the purpose of each move, which really helps motivate me to improve my practice and incorporate her exercises into my daily life. The classes are also incredibly relaxing, I always leave feeling happy. I would recommend to anyone!

    Joanna Thompson-Baum Avatar Joanna Thompson-Baum
    13th February 2019

    positive review  I love my Thursday mornings with Linda Stephens. She has been a source of energy and inspiration over the last few years. She shares her knowledge of women's health through our different stages of life and reminds us how important it is to take care of ourselves. Thoroughly recommend Linda's classes if you want to be energised, feel strong, relax, and laugh.

    Rachel Holden Avatar Rachel Holden
    7th February 2019

    positive review  Linda is an amazing teacher-experienced, warm and empathetic. She is graceful and generous with sharing her knowledge, and the classes fly by with lots of laughter too. Highly recommend!

    Emma Firth Avatar Emma Firth
    4th February 2019

    positive review  I’ve been doing yoga with Linda for over 2yrs & I can honestly say in my 22yrs of trying various yoga styles with many different instructors, that Linda’s style of teaching is so unique! She totally understands a woman’s body and what we need to do to improve our posture, our well being as mums & also how to have fun doing it! I have arthritis in both hips & since my yoga with Linda, I’ve learned so much about my body, my posture & many ways in which to help myself deal with my condition!!! Thank you 🙏 Linda xxxx

    Lisa Lally Gray Avatar Lisa Lally Gray
    28th January 2019

    positive review  I highly recommend Linda’s yoga classes. I attended Pre Natal Yoga earlier this year and thoroughly looked forward to each class. Linda is such a passionate teacher who really cares and she is so knowledgeable when it comes to pregnancy and labour. The support and advice she offers is second to none. I am now attending Linda’s Post Natal Recovery class. It feels so good to be able to stretch and I am even starting to feel some muscles I haven’t felt for quite some time! Babies are so unpredictable, so Linda does her very best to tailor each class to what is happening and what the mums and babies need at that particular time. On occasion (when little ones have been chilled out) we have even had the opportunity to completely relax at the end of class – a few very welcome minutes of pure bliss!

    Yvonne Cocker Avatar Yvonne Cocker
    3rd December 2018

    positive review  Linda is a great teacher who explains each movement and position carefully with a full explanation of how it will benefit us. I am “yoga nonna” rather than a “yoga mum” but have found the classes equally as relevant for “the older woman” !! I have recently recovered from a serious shoulder injury and have really appreciated Linda’s knowledge and the way she has “adapted” exercises for me. We all need time out to replenish our batteries whilst using our breath for peace as well as strength and keep our bodies moving and my time at “Yoga Mums” does just that. Sue Drinkwater P.s. I love her choice of music

    Sue Drinkwater Avatar Sue Drinkwater
    18th October 2018

    5 star review  I started Linda's classes when I was 19wks up until 40wks and loved every one of them! My husband and I also attended the yoga birthing workshop which was invaluable to us both. Both the physical and mental preparation these classes teaches helped shape such a positive birth experience for me and our Daughter. Thank you Linda! X

    Kate Colman Avatar Kate Colman
    24th July 2018

    5 star review  I love Monday night yoga with Linda - it's fabulous. Linda is a really talented teacher who guides you expertly through all the poses and moves. The whole vibe in the room is great and I always come out of the session with a smile on my face! Thanks, Linda!

    Miranda Hulbert McKinlay Avatar Miranda Hulbert McKinlay
    7th March 2018

    5 star review  Seeing Linda throughout my pregnancy kept me feeling calm and I left every class feeling empowered and energised. My birth did not go to plan, however her breathing techniques and vocal toning were essential and kept my mind focused. I even used buzzy bee breath with my fingers in my ears as they performed my c section. Linda was always at the end of the line in case I had questions... she extends her care outside of the classes and gives love, support and encouragement to all of the Mamas she meets. We are so lucky to have her on our doorstep... her knowledge and experience is incredible... she is single handidly changing woman's birthing experiences by giving them the tools by teaching them let go of being in control by accepting and trusting our amazing bodies!

    Amy Iris Avatar Amy Iris
    20th June 2017

    5 star review  Linda's classes are not only a lovely way to take a bit of time and relax during your pregnancy but they also provide you with a set of tools to help you cope with pregnancy, labour and beyond. I went to Linda's weekly classes during my pregnancy as well as attending the couples' workshop with my partner. The weekly classes helped me stay strong and mobile during pregnancy and along with the couples' workshop prepared me for giving birth and empowered me to make the best choices for me and baby. Linda's classes are both enjoyable and useful, well worth doing, and as a bonus I met some lovely local mums-to-be along the way!

    Elly Day Avatar Elly Day
    20th June 2017

    5 star review  I cannot recommend Linda's yoga classes highly enough, in pregnancy or after. I am a women's health physiotherapist and find her knowledge of the core and pelvic floor to be excellent. Her a/n classes help prepare mind and body for the birth, and are also great for relaxation and stretching out aches and pains. She adjusts all the movements for anybody with back or pelvic girdle pain, or sufferers of pelvic floor dysfunction. I ended up needing a C section, but was able to use the breathing and visualisations throughout a difficult pregnancy and during his amazing delivery. He recognises the ''Om'' to this day as a soothing comforting noise! The postnatal class is a refuge of support and shared experiences. I have gained the strength back in my stomach and pelvic floor, and also my arms and back to be able to lift my giant baby! It has been lovely to get out in such a 'safe' environment for a new mum, fussing babies that need feeding or changing (or cuddles from Linda!) are no problem and my son really enjoys the baby yoga section and squeals with excitement when we start. Cup of tea and homemade biscuits too, perfection! Thank you Linda!

    Tammy Bevan Avatar Tammy Bevan
    2nd May 2017

    5 star review  Yogamums is amazing. I attended the pre and post natal classes and both were fantastic. Linda has a phenomenal knowledge of the changes and woman's body goes through in pregnancy and the birthing process. As well as the personal experience of having three kiddies of her own. Linda's key skill is to really personalise each class. I went to class around 34 weeks pregnant with a sore lower back, I thought it was just the pregnancy symptom. Linda watched me and suggested it was, in fact, my posture. Within minutes she had shown me how to stand properly and my backache instantaneously relieved. I also loved the compassionate and maternal vibe of the postnatal class. My son giggled though the baby yoga and I again really benefited from Linda's knowledge and passion for healing rather than achieving. I wish I'd been able to benefit from the classes in my first pregnancy and would highly recommend them to anyone �

    Kate Read Avatar Kate Read
    15th March 2017

    5 star review  I cannot thank Linda enough for the knowledge she shared with us in her yoga birth classes. As well as experiencing the immediate benefits of a yoga practice whilst pregnant, the classes helped prepare body and mind for a positive birth experience and I went into labour with so many tools to help me. Highly recommend! Would love to write more, but little bubba calling for a cuddle! Thank you so much Linda for your ongoing support...xx

    Gemma Edwards Avatar Gemma Edwards
    23rd January 2017

    5 star review  Linda is such a positive force that she makes all her classes so enjoyable and leaves you feeling empowered yet relaxed! I attended her pregnancy yoga classes and it was so enjoyable. Linda knows so much about the female body that she gives you such great advice to get through your pregnancy ailment free! I have now just started her post natal classes and again she has lifted my spirits and inspired me to get back into yoga and feel healthy again. I can't thank her enough for all the support and love she has shown me. Definitely recommend her classes to anyone expecting or who has just had a baby. Thank you Linda xxx

    Sarah Hoyle Avatar Sarah Hoyle
    20th January 2017

    5 star review  Lovely personality, great with the babies as well as focusing on the mum's needs. Really worthwhile post natal yoga- I'd recommend it to all new mums. Classes are a joy to be at.

    Becky Anderson Avatar Becky Anderson
    10th December 2016

    5 star review  Thank you Linda for the most incredible class yesterday and over the past 3 weeks. Wow...I am blessed to have found you! My body and soul literally sing after your classes and I know that by coming I am being so kind to me! An amazing way to end each week...can't wait for next week. You're incredible and such a talented and warm teacher. Jo x

    Jo Ferrone Avatar Jo Ferrone
    8th October 2016

    5 star review  Linda is such a great teacher and she really understands so much about the body. Highly recommend her class

    Maggie Howell Avatar Maggie Howell
    18th September 2016

    5 star review  Great stretch, strengthening and relaxation. Amazing toning. I feel very relaxed and floaty!

    Hannah Epps Avatar Hannah Epps
    21st January 2016

    5 star review  First class yoga teaching in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you haven't tried one of Linda's classes yet you should waste no time in putting that right - your body and mind will thank you for it!

    Hannah Pike Avatar Hannah Pike
    4th November 2015

    5 star review  Really enjoying Linda's yoga classes, it's helping me focus on strengthening my core/pelvic floor after having my little boy

    Simone Devine Avatar Simone Devine
    30th January 2015

    5 star review  Amazing go Linda. X

    Bridgid Davis Avatar Bridgid Davis
    9th October 2014

YA Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens specialises in women's health.  She has done exstensive post graduate trainings in pre and post natal yoga, and yoga therapy for peri to post menopausal women.

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