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Mums Pelvic Floor Restore Lunchtime 'Blast' Class

“I’ve found the switch to Zoom classes very easy. Linda describes and demonstrates all the moves so clearly that it is easy to follow everything. I love the calm & peaceful contrast with my cardio workouts whilst still feeling I’m strengthening and stretching. I’ve also learnt so much about my body – how each part influences other areas as Linda has a vast knowledge on women’s health” – Ruth

“I cannot recommend Linda’s yoga classes highly enough, in pregnancy or after. I am a women’s health physiotherapist and find her knowledge of the core and pelvic floor to be excellent.  I have gained the strength back in my stomach and pelvic floor, and also my arms and back to be able to lift my giant baby!” – Tammy

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Coming back soon in the Women’s Wellbeing Membership space.  In the meantime, how about enjoying Linda’s Yoga & Meditation with The Lockdown Toolkit? Click the button to find out more.

In these classes, I’ll teach you how to deeply heal and strengthen your core musculature structure and supportive pelvic muscle groups. With specific exercises, alignment cues and breath techniques we’ll help your body recover from birth, wether that was months ago or years ago!

You’ll learn to retrain essential postural muscles (which often suffer with feeding and carrying a baby)  to regain strength and avoid longer term back and pelvic floor issues.

Although online, you’ll still have the opportunity to interact with other mums.  It’s so important for us to know we are not alone on this amazing but often daunting motherhood journey!

The first half of the class is focussed on pelvic floor rehab exercises with restorative breathing.  If you need to leave after this portion, then at least you’ve got in some powerful strengthening work for the week.  After that, we’ll work on ‘down training’ and releasing tension from the whole body and strengthening key postural muscles for about 15 – 20 mins.  The last portion of the class is for mindfulness and meditation.  

Please feel free to stay until the end or leave earlier if need be.  I’ll give you cues when there is a natural break in the class at 30 mins then 45 mins before we wrap at 60 mins.

Knowledge really is power and I want you to feel strong and proud of all your incredible body has achieved.  You’ve created human beings!  You deserve an Oscar actually, not least some weekly time out to nurture and empower YOU 🙂  READ MORE ABOUT THE ‘WHY’ BEHIND THIS CLASS HERE


Class returning with 2021 online membership coming soon!  

Watch this space

What People Say

“Such a brilliant class.. So much fun and I always leave feeling taller and stronger. Linda, you are an inspiration. Thank you.” Emma M

“YogaMums is absolutely the best! Linda’s knowledge of the human body generally and more specifically pre-and post natal women means tailor made yoga classes for mums.” – Kate

“Linda is a truly passionate and dedicated teacher. Her wonderful explanations of poses and what they will help you with, along with wonderful descriptions of exactly which part of your body you should be feeling the stretch/movement in made sure I could adjust to reach the right pose. Linda’s knowledge of the body and the effects of yoga on it is superior….I found a new love for Yoga and it was all due to Linda.” – Julie 

“Linda’s classes are fun, welcoming, instructive, but most importantly Linda has a real understanding of women’s health issues. Outstanding!” – Michelle

YA Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens specialises in women's health.  She has done exstensive post graduate trainings in pre and post natal yoga, and yoga therapy for peri to post menopausal women.

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