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Men's Stretch & De-Stress Yoga


Due to the restrictions surrounding COVID-19, I will be conducting my yoga classes online using Zoom for the time being. For the uninitiated, Zoom is free (like Skype / Facetime) but more stable. I will be broadcasting from my studio or living room at home. These classes will enable you to ask questions and join in the fun, all whilst being in the safety of your own home. Once you've bought your class, you will be emailed all the details on how to access the live class. Stay safe, wash your hands, and together, we will get through this!

The online ‘Live’ Mens Stretch class is designed to help you slow down, to replenish, to take stock and to allow the central nervous system to re-boot. Making self care a priority is actually the most selfless thing you can do for your family.  You cannot serve effectively from an empty vessel.  

The yoga stretch classes will focus on relieving common tension and pain spots: Lower back, hip flexors, neck and shoulders.  You’ll build up glutei strength, lengthen those hamstrings, practice effective core strengthening exercises and learn to sort out your posture!   

You’ll also learn how to breathe effectively to reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.  Effective diaphragmatic breathing is the No#1 way to de-stress and is an essential life tool to learn.  

As you move towards stillness, the classes conclude with a guided relaxation to leave you in a blissful meditative state.  


Fridays 6-7.15pm 

Online from the Garden Studio

Questions? Email linda@yogamums.net 

Senior Yoga Teacher Linda Stephens will be on hand to give 1:1 tuition as well as run specialist mens stretch classes to help ease back pain, neck and shoulder tension.

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