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YogaBirthing For Couples Private Workshop Certificate


RRP £250 - XMAS SALE £200

Tailored to YOUR birthing situation and held either in our home or yours, these sessions are typically 2 ½ hours.  My husband (and certified coach) Mike and I will help empower you both to feel like you’re birthing as a team.  You’ll learn key breath, positioning, massage and acupressure techniques (many very helpful in a caesarean birth too), plus as the Dad and her birth advocate, you’ll learn how to be the best birth partner possible.  This includes how to interact with hospital staff/midwives, how to help create and maintain her birthing hormones and how to manage your own energetic, mental and emotional needs throughout this life changing event.

We’ll also cover key post natal recovery tips and tools.

“The one on one session we did with you was SO helpful throughout the labour. I used the different positions to cope with the contractions and the tutorial you gave Tim on the right kind of massage and acupressure to do was amazing. The breathing exercises were also brilliant – so simple but absolutely critical for feeling in control and managing the pain. Amazing how much information you managed to share in just a couple of hours. Thank you so much again. It was such a positive experience.” Polly