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Once we’re post natal, we’re always post natal. It doesn’t matter whether you birthed yesterday or twenty years ago.

I want to work with Mums who recognise that Postpartum Recovery is a vital part of having a baby.

When you want to have a solid foundation for long term health and wellbeing, you’ll recognise the importance of (metaphorically and literally) walking before you run.

Not all women do.  But most will find out the hard way later on in life if they don’t 🙁   Re establishing good pelvic floor tone and core synergy after birthing could prevent you from experiencing stress incontinence, pelvic pain and/or prolapsed organs later on.  These symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are extremely common, but they’re not normal.

My ultimate aim in teaching women is to get fellow Mums to be strong enough, supple enough, resilient enough, consolidated enough to truly shine in whatever they choose to do. 

Whether that’s getting back to running, or working or parenting or dancing or whatever else!

It’s important to me that the world has women available to serve from a place of empowerment.

You see, simply being pregnant is an enormous strain on the body systems:

The breathing diaphragm is compressed and pushed up and the ribs flare, the internal organs get squished and manoeuvred, the external abdominal wall is stretched and often the central connective seam is severely compromised, the back muscles can tighten to take the strain, the pelvic floor sags and weakens under the extra weight and intra abdominal pressure, the tendons and ligaments’ loosen….. and with sleep deprivation too, the whole body can feel as if it’s injured.

Vaginal birth is the equivalent of sustaining a badly sprained ankle at best, and a lot worse when there has been extra pelvic floor trauma.  We respect the need to rehabilitate an external injury like a turned ankle over many months, but in our western culture it’s common to expect we should be ‘good to GO’ at our six week check!

A caesarean birth means working on rehabilitating pelvic floor and deep core muscles that have been affected from carrying the weight of a baby, as well as healing from major abdominal surgery.  Many women labour and sustain pelvic trauma and then end up having a caesarean birth too.  Caesarean scar tissue can also have a long term impact on how your core and pelvic floor work together and may well need massage and scar release therapy before this important connection is re established.

I want to help women function well again, with corrective alignment techniques, breathing techniques, correct muscle engagement and the ability to access deep states of rest for healing.   

I don’t care if you can do a fancy yoga posture, but I do care if you can’t laugh without wetting yourself!

The NEW YogaMums Thursday ‘Lunchtime Blast’ Pelvic Floor Restore classes are a starting point for your journey to long term wellbeing post birth.

The class is a weekly check in to re-train your abdominal ‘canister’ – and get the lung diaphragm, the pelvic diaphragm, and the deep ‘core’ muscles (TA & multifidi) synchronising nicely again 😉

  • I’ll help you relax and then utilise your diaphragm for full, healing breaths. (See THIS Video for instant tips)
  • I’ll guide you to activate then strengthen your pelvic floor correctly, so that over time you can layer in higher impact exercise and confidently go about ‘life’.
  • I’ll ensure you understand how to carry and feed bub utilising stabilising muscles and not ‘hanging’ into ligament’s with lazy and detrimental postural habits.
  • I’ll teach you how to protect your pelvic floor from downward pressure using ‘The Knack’ (See THIS Video for an explanation)

The first part of the class is focussed on repair in case that’s all you have time for.

The second part of the class is focussed on release – stretching out the knots and moving into mindful internal stillness.

I hope you can stay for the lot!

There are a lot of classes around which are focussed on bub.  This online class is focussed on YOU, the Mum:  The woman who grew your little person from scratch, birthed that (not so little) person and now cares for them with all her being.

You deserve time each week laying the foundations for pelvic floor and core health.

It is important for your long term functional wellbeing and therefore, also for the long term wellbeing of your whole family.

Click HERE for more information and to join in the wellbeing revolution.  Buy a 6 class pass for discounted classes!



PS: Working with a group over Zoom is functional at this time, but do consider gifting yourself a 1:1 in person as an ideal supplement to this.  I can zero in on your individual needs and direct you to the work you need to be doing to accelerate your own healing process.  Have a look HERE for the types of 1:1 I offer.


Linda is a Senior Yoga Alliance affiliated Yoga teacher with post graduate certification in advanced pre and post natal care.

She has been teaching, practicing and learning about women’s health and yoga therapy for the past thirteen years and has three children of her own.

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